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Bellevue IT is a software and services company that specialises in large database systems design and implementation. With experience in a wide variety of industries, BvIT brings the right blend of business and technical skills to achieve an outcome that is not only commercially viable, but meets the needs of users while providing the flexibility to provide longevity for the systems. The management team at BvIT is made up of the following key staff.

CEO, Paul Pascoe,
Master of Science (Information Systems)

With a strong background in the corporate world, Paul combines a strong business focus to extensive technical skills. With an increasing amount of BvIT's customers being in the sporting arena, Paul's additional experience as a former coach of the British Olympic Sailing Team provides a significant asset in the design of systems to support High Performance programs within National Sporting Federations.

Technical Director, Gray Pritchett,
Bachelor Eng (Hons), Mechanical Engineering

By combining his strong sporting background, (both as a competitor and as an official) with his engineering education, Gray's problem solving skills have allowed him to develop solutions for the management of national membership databases that exactly meet the clients requirements.  Gray has worked extensively in club management and understands the difficulties in administering club membership programs.  His skills as a programmer have allowed him to design software that makes that burden significantly reduced, if not disappear.

Design Director, Janet Johnson,  
Bachelor Sci (Computer Science, Mathematical Statistics)

With a strong corporate IT background and a lifelong passion for art and design, Janet presents a unique combination of skills perfectly suited to developing the seamless front-ends required for large data management systems.  Janet's ability to understand a client's needs coupled with her design and technical skills enable her to produce designs from concept through to end-product that meet both desired design and functionality specifications.

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