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Requirements Definition

Prior to embarking on any IT project, a review of the business processes is required and a statement of requirements gathered. Developing requirements is a mixture of customers providing the business background with informaion such as'where are you going with your business' with a consultant providing suggestions and ideas on how technology can be used to help your business get there quickly and efficiently.

BvIT have delivered significant requirements documentation to the following sporting organisations in recent years:

  • Australian Baseball Federation
  • Australian Yachting Federation
  • International Sailing Federation (UK)
  • International Olympic Committee - Results Requirements for sailing for Sydney 2000
  • International Olympic Committee - Results Requirements for sailing for Athens 2004

Database Design

At the heart of any business is the data collected about their business. While process, procedures and IT systems may change, the underlying information about customers, purchases, memberships, financial transactions typically remains the same. Designing the method of storing this precious information is the key to longevity and flexibility in systems. Bellevue IT have extensive experience in database design with major corporations as well as sporting organisations, and it is this experience that has allowed BvIT to design and build systems that people actually want to use, with the right information in the right place at the right time.

While IT systems typically undergo a major shift every 10 years, if the underlying data storage is designed correctly, the cost of the transisition from one technology to the next can be minimised. For example, in the 1970's, 90% of the world's data was held on IBM mainframes, in the 1980's Microsoft stole the show with their PC based 'Client/Server' systems, and in the 1990's the internet created the next massive change. With each transition, companies have spent vast sums of money 're-engineering' their systems. Those with the best database design have found the transition to be less traumatic and without having to throw away years worth of historical data.

Bellevue staff have applied their database design skills to projects such as:

  • GMH procurement systems
  • Pacific Bell, CA, USA, designing the databases to support the split-up of AT&T systems. Pacific Bell's systems are twice the size of Telstra's.
  • IBM UK - design of customer systems to manage merged utility companies (electricity, gas, water) for southern England
  • Olympic results systems

If you organisation requires a system that relies on significant database systems, Bellevue have the skills and experience to help you make it a reality.

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