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MyClub is a complete online membership management system for clubs and national sporting bodies.  It allows a club to have complete control over the information that is passed onto association, state and national bodies.  Ideally suited to sporting organisations that have a hierarchical structure with a national body requiring each club to register its players with the national body, myClub would also be of benefit to any club that needs to keep an up to date membership list. 

There are many levels of access to the system - each level providing different access rights.  National level access gets to see all states, state level access gets to see all clubs and associations in each state and association level access gets rights over all clubs within the association.

The key to myClubs success and its acceptance by sporting clubs across Australia is that as well as providing an online membership list, myClub also provides the club with a series of tools that makes the job of membership officer easy.  These tools include:

  • The ability to send an email (HTML format or text) to all members.
  • Download a list of the club members to excel for a mail merge.
  • Update which members have paid state and national levies.
  • Export a list of other clubs within their sport for promotional mailouts of events that the club is hosting.
  • Send an SMS to club members directly from the website.

Information about the club is also passed to the websites allowing the public to view certain information about the club - eg: Contact phone numbers, activities offered and club office bearers.  MyClub serves as a promotional tools for each club to sell itself to the public.


This suite of programs is a powerful Content Management system to allow organisations to more efficiently manage large websites. The myWebsite system is not merely “space on a server”, but is a collection of programs, databases and services to make it possible for non-technical people to maintain their own website and also to allow multiple websites to co-exist on one ISP account. The aims of the system are to:

  • Make it possible for everyone to maintain their own areas of the website without extensive training in website development
  • Make use of the a database of organisations to allow visitors to the site to find Clubs, Officials, Coaches, etc to provide up to date, accurate information for users
  • Make all of these systems available to organisations other than the National Body, e.g. Baseball Australia have setup 300+ club websites on their system.
  • Provide a secure area of the site to maintain all of this information

All of these aims have been achieved by creating a database to hold the information and installing a system that allows “content” and “navigation” to be added to the system without the use of specialist website maintenance software.

If you are looking for a website with a few pages to promote your small business, then this system is not for you. However, if you are an organisation that is currently paying for a specialist company to make every little change on your site, have thousands of pages to maintain, or multiple member organisations that each require a professional looking website, then please contact us for a demonstration.

Competition Management

BvIT has a fully featured competition management system for use by Team Sports (, This allows management of teams, draws, ladders, finals and stats for all levels of competition. The system has been built on top of the MyClub system, allow team lists to be maintained from Club membership information already in the system. It has also be designed to allow easy configuration for different sports and different formats (see knockout bracket at

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